Keeping it cool!

What do you do when the economy turns and you wind up stuck with a 15,000 square foot building? “Keep Cool’! That’s exactly what Duane and Lisa Burns, owners of AC Warehouse did. At the end of 2007, AC Warehouse had just completed construction of it’s new facility on Lena Road, when the economy turned. This left Duane and Lisa with two buildings. With the real estate market in shambles, they quickly had to decide what to do with this new facility. Being parents themselves, Duane and Lisa wanted to create something that would “Be Cool” and the whole family could enjoy. This lead them first to the concept of Strike Zone indoor batting cages, and ultimately to The Zone Complex. The Zone Complex is one of the “Coolest” new facilities in the area. It is literally 15,000 square feet of fun. It’s massive indoor Trampoline Arena is the only one in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. You can jump, shoot hoops, play dodge ball, or bounce off it’s trampoline lined walls.
At night, “Cool” is taken to a whole new level with fog machines and laser light show. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The Zone Complex also has eight batting cages where you can hit fast balls or slow pitch soft balls. If you feel like letting loose, visit the Fun Cage and swing away in an attempt to hit the car, the house, the signs, or a variety of things you would normally get in trouble for hitting with a baseball. All this plus video games and drinks. You can even hold your birthday party there. With all this, the Zone Complex really is “Keeping it Cool”.